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Divisions and Departments

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When it begins operating in fall 2022, the new school will include proposed departments clustered into four transitional divisions. Many of these groupings build on the foundations of existing units that are coming together into the new school, and will be expanded on through faculty from across Stanford who join the school and new hires in energy, climate and areas of the humanities and social sciences. The faculty in each division will specify the eventual departments.

Division of Earth & Planetary Sciences 

Focused on understanding the processes governing Earth and other planets (including disciplines such as geophysics, geology, geochemistry, geobiology, and planetary sciences)
Likely departments: 

  • Geophysics
  • Geological Sciences

Division of Engineering for Sustainability

Focused on engineering solutions for climate and sustainability challenges (including energy resources, technologies, and transitions; clean air and water; sustainable built environment; sustainable infrastructure; urban design; and integrated systems and operations)
Likely departments: 

  • Civil & Environmental Engineering (joint with SoE)
  • Energy Science & Engineering

Division of Climate, Environment & Biodiversity 

Focused on understanding, predicting, and responding to human-caused and natural environmental change at local to global scales (including food, water, oceans, biodiversity, and biogeochemical cycles)
Likely departments: 

  • Ocean Science, Technology & Policy
  • Environment & Ecosystems
  • Climate Science

Division of Integrated Socio-Environmental Systems 

Focused on the human dimensions of climate and sustainability (including environmental justice, human and planetary health, sustainable business, environmental social sciences and policy analysis, environmental behavioral sciences, and environmental humanities)
Departments to be determined