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Faculty FAQ

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This page answers common questions from faculty about the new school focused on climate and sustainability. It will be updated when there is new information, and in response to new questions.

Will professors currently in the units that are joining the new school automatically be included in the new school?

Yes, unless the professor wishes to work with their chairs/deans/directors to arrange a different affiliation. 

Will faculty currently not in the units that are joining the new school be able to join the new school?

We encourage faculty from all units to let us know if they have an interest in considering an appointment in the new school. You can email Kam Moler, Steve Graham, Noah Diffenbaugh or Nicole Ardoin directly to talk about possible department fit. We will work directly with you and your current deans and department chairs.

How will joint faculty appointments be handled for faculty currently in units that are not joining the new school?

We will work directly with department chairs and deans to establish joint appointments on a case-by-case basis for interested faculty.

If I join the new school, will my tenure be evaluated according to how it was described when I was hired?

Stanford is committed to maintaining the opportunities for success of our junior faculty members, and we do not expect to change the criteria and university procedures for evaluation under which faculty members were hired.  We will work with junior faculty who wish to join the school with regard to their tenure process. 

Will there be options for faculty not joining with a faculty appointment to participate in the activities of the new school? 

Yes! The cross-cutting themes housed within the Woods and Precourt Institutes and a new Sustainable Societies initiative are intended to be inclusive and welcoming of faculty from across the university. As those form, opportunities will exist to engage in research in the theme areas. We will work with the Faculty Senate to appoint a committee to review Senior Fellow appointments as a way for faculty to be involved. The school will also have opportunities for joint teaching.

What is the relationship between the announced energy science & engineering department (ES&E) and the current Department of Energy Resources Engineering (ERE)? What is the process for faculty to engage in the new department?

Based on ongoing conversations, we anticipate that most ERE faculty will want to join the new ES&E department, though some might find a home in other departments. Faculty members in other departments at Stanford may join ES&E with full or partial appointments and engage with other faculty to develop that department. 

What are the options for joint appointments between departments/divisions within the School?

We anticipate some faculty will wish to have joint appointments between multiple departments or divisions within the new school. As we learn more about who those faculty are and which departments they want to join, we will develop a process for those intra-school joint appointments.