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Staff FAQ

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This page answers common questions from staff about the new school focused on climate and sustainability. It will be updated when there is new information, and in response to new questions.

What does it mean for staff to merge?

Combining existing structures, and creating entirely new programs, will result in some realignment to realize the goals of the school. The process for determining that new organization is underway now, with input from staff through interviews, surveys, focus groups, and meetings as part of Communities of Practice.

What will the process of developing a staff structure look like moving forward?

We are in the process of analyzing feedback from the Communities of Practice meetings. Thank you to everyone who participated. Based on that feedback, and ongoing conversations with work groups, we will be determining a new staff structure will better align staff around the goals of the school. 

Are you guaranteeing that we’ll all have jobs?

This reorganization is happening during a time of growth, and we expect to need the skills and expertise of all current staff. We can’t guarantee what jobs or job titles people will have in the new school, but we do anticipate needing existing staff plus new hires to build and run the new school.

What if I’m excited about a different job in the new school than the one I’m doing now?

New jobs will be posted as the school expands and staff are welcome to apply for those new opportunities.

When will we assume our new roles?
We expect a gradual transition to a new structure. Most or all staff will assume their new roles by the start of the 2022-2023 academic year. During the transition, all staff will be called upon to help establish aspects of the new school.