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Stanford’s new school focused on climate and sustainability will offer undergraduate and graduate degrees, as well as professional certificates. These degrees will prepare students with the knowledge and experience to be part of understanding our planet and the life it supports and working to make it more sustainable for everyone.

The new degree programs will build on and expand existing disciplinary and interdisciplinary degrees offered through the School of Earth, Energy and Environmental Sciences (Stanford Earth), the department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, and marine biology-focused degrees centered at Hopkins Marine Station, and will also include additional degrees aligned with the new school. In addition, the new school will incorporate educational opportunities offered by the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment and the Precourt Institute for Energy. 

Are you a current student in a degree program that is joining the new school? See our FAQ for existing students. 

New degree programs and offerings are under development now. Students can begin engaging in courses and keystone experiences beginning in fall of 2022. Students interested in applying for sustainability-related degrees today can look at the existing programs at the units coming together to form the new school. 

New school, new opportunities

Degrees offered within the new school will develop skills needed for sustainability careers, including:

  • Transdisciplinary thinking
  • Systems thinking
  • Research and Practice

Undergraduate students will participate in core coursework, seminars, off-campus experiences, a practicum with community partners and a senior capstone experience. Students will also have many options for participating in research.

Graduate students will attend a sustainability boot camp intended to introduce all students, regardless of their field of study, to concepts in sustainability. Students will also participate in teaching, develop and lead seminars, and participate in and lead community-building and research-sharing events. 

Students from all majors will find first-year seminars and Sophomore College type courses, as well as larger signature courses available to all students who are interested in pursuing sustainability regardless of their departmental home. The can also earn certificates that augment existing programs of study as add-ons to their undergraduate or graduate degrees. These certificates will position alumni to apply their expertise in various sectors such as consulting firms, nonprofits, philanthropic foundations, government agencies, and other organizations desiring practical skills underpinned by academic knowledge.

Professionals will have access to certificate programs intended to jump-start sustainability careers. They will be available to all professionals who can benefit from understanding, experiencing, practicing, and  implementing state-of-the-art sustainability research in their daily practice. These will build on and expand existing professional education experiences offered through the Stanford EarthGraduate School of Business, and the department of Civil and Environmental Education.