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Institutes and Initiatives

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Climate and sustainability touch on all aspects of Stanford scholarship, and solutions will require people from all disciplines working, thinking and learning together, and with partners in the world. 

The new school will include initiatives that focus interdisciplinary expertise around critical challenges and foster emerging areas of scholarship. These will be housed within the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment, the Precourt Institute for Energy, and a new Sustainable Societies Institute.

For more than a decade, the Woods and Precourt Institutes have been independent institutes overseen by the Dean of Research. Each has a track record of inspiring collaborations in energy and the environment and of engaging with external partners. Within the new school, these institutes will house initiatives whose solutions require an integrated approach – areas like sustainable energy infrastructure, climate adaptation and environmental justice. They will fund interdisciplinary scholarship, accelerate hiring of key faculty and staff, support cross-cutting curricula to engage undergraduate and graduate students and other activities that draw the entire university into sustainability research and education.