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Looking up at trees


Creating a future in which humans and nature thrive in concert and in perpetuity

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A 21st century school to address 21st century challenges

Stanford is creating a school focused on climate and sustainability that will align the considerable expertise that exists across academic units around knowledge, education, and solutions for the urgent challenges facing the planet.

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Advancing knowledge critical to sustaining life on Earth through fundamental research across the natural, engineering and social sciences; political and economic drivers; and humanities and arts 

Preparing students as future sustainability leaders through rigorous, engaged education and research

Catalyzing informed action globally to generate local, national, and global solutions to the defining challenge for humanity

A class on organic gardening and racial justice meets at the O'Donohue Family Farm


The decision to create a school arose through faculty, student, and staff engagement, starting with more than 200 submitted proposals for campus, education, and research initiatives.

Putting puzzle pieces together

School Status

Stakeholder groups are weighing in on the best ways of integrating and expanding on Stanford's strengths in climate and sustainability research and education, leading up to a design for the new school. 

Stanford's solar array
Living Laboratory

Campus commitment to sustainability

Stanford is committed to being a living laboratory for sustainability solutions, with ambitious goals for reducing emissions and waste and for scaling our learnings through external partners.

Part of Stanford's Long-Range Vision

The Sustainability Initiative, which led to the new school focused on climate and sustainability, is part of Stanford's Vision of increasing and accelerating the university's purposeful impact in the world. 

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